Marjolijn Aalders Grool


Dr M.C. Aalders Grool

Marjolijn Aalders Grool is independent researcher in the field of linguistics and ethnography since 2005. She studied French Literature, Linguistics and Discourse Studies. She obtained her PHD in linguistics with an analysis of the performance of voodoo stories in 2013. From 1982 she was consultant in the field of communication and interim-manager. She was was politically active in her hometown and within a leading political party in the nineties.

She chairs the Verbal Art Foundation, a foundation she founded in 2009. The foundation aims at collecting and preserving of endangered cultural heritage. Her publications include a volume with the integral text of 37 voodoo stories (2014) and an analysis of the performance of the voodoo storytellers (2013).
Marjolijn Grool is married and lives in The Netherlands.